torsdag 30 juni 2016

Our day of joy is here again

1. Our day of joy is here again, 
with love and peace and song.
Come, let us join th’angelic strain 
with voices clear and strong. 
Glory to our God, we sing, 
glory to our Lord and King; 
peace, goodwill with all abide 
this holy Christmas tide. 

2. When darkness lay upon this earth, 
a glorious light did shine; 
God sent a Gift of priceless worth 
and showed His love divine. 
Glory to our God...

3. Now to the manger let us go 
to worship and adore 
the tender Babe upon the straw, 
our Savior evermore.
Glory to our God...

4. How wonderful that God’s own Son 
should so Himself abase! 
He thrust the mighty from their throne, 
and gave the lowly grace.
Glory to our God...

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