torsdag 4 april 2013

Sabbath day of rest and cheer

1. Sabbath day of rest and cheer! 
Day divine, to me so dear! 
Come, O come to old and young, 
gath’ring all for prayer and song. 

2. Now the week of toil is o’er, 
and in peace we sit once more 
at our Father’s ample board, 
listening to His gracious Word. 

3. Lord, our God, we seek Thy face, 
bless us with Thy saving grace; 
may Thy heralds everywhere 
clear Thy Gospel truth declare. 

4. Let Thy mighty Word hold sway 
over men on earth today; 
our poor souls, good Shepherd, feed, 
into pastures green us lead. 

5. May, O Lord, the day be near, 
when we pass from trials here 
into Thine eternal rest, 
in the mansions of the blest.  

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