måndag 21 januari 2013

Jesus, Thy Name hath pow´r to bless

1. Jesus, Thy Name hath pow’r to bless 
our troubled souls in all distress. 
On us, dear Lord, bestow Thy grace, 
and guide us safely all our days. 

2. The only Son of God Thou art, 
forgive our sins and cleanse our heart; 
behold and help us in our need, 
Thou Who art God and Man indeed. 

3. In Thee is all our righteousness, 
in Thee all peace and blessedness. 
Who trusteth in Thy holy Name 
shall be redeemed from sin and shame. 

4. We praise Thee for Thy living Word, 
and for Thy sacraments, O Lord. 
Grant us Thy peace in all our strife, 
and after death eternal life.

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